LeanSentry Alerts are live!

This week, we are launching new services that deliver oodles more value for LeanSentry users.

Our alerts service went live today, and is enabled for all new user accounts.

LeanSentry alerts are a much improved version of IT alerts in traditional monitoring products:
– They are specific, e.g. they tell you exactly what happened and where – like URL “/Profile” had 34 requests fail with error “NullReferenceException”.
– They quickly show you whether the problem is global to your entire application, or local to a place like a server
– They are measurable, showing you how much time or number of requests affected

But best of all … LeanSentry automatically diagnoses alerts to highlight the root causes of problems!

We use all the wonderful data we collect as well as our expert troubleshooting patterns to tell you what the exact problem is. We have automated diagnoses for top problems like high CPU, low memory, and errors, and are adding many more as this month goes on.

Come check it out! Sign up at https://www.leansentry.com.

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