What if someone automatically diagnosed every error in your IIS site?

It would probably help you quickly fix all the lingering bugs in your apps … and make a lot of your users really happy.  The hours you would save tracking down and figuring out that intermittent 500.19 error would probably make you really happy, too.

If that sounds great, then we have good news for you: LeanSentry now automatically diagnoses every error in your apps!

It works like this:

Step 1: You install LeanSentry on your production server, and it automatically tracks every IIS, ASP, and ASP.NET error in your app.

Step 2: We send you a daily insight with a quick summary of any major, new, or significantly increasing errors.


Step 3:
 You log into your dashboard to see how many requests have failed, and see every error across your entire app.

Step 4:
 Click on a specific error, and we will show you how many requests it affected and how its changing …
Then, we’ll tell you exactly what the error means, why it happens, and how to fix it.

Then … Wait for it … 
we’ll walk you through a diagnosis of the error using your own data!

With this feature, we help you ask the right questions in order to diagnose each error, and give you all the specific data you need to make decisions – step by step.  I certainly wish we had this kind of troubleshooting tool over the last 5 years.

We have a expert diagnostic for many of the top IIS errors, and adding more each day.  If you got an error we don’t have a diagnostic for already, email us – and we’ll help you with it manually as well as add the diagnostic to the app for future.


I want it! How do I get it?
If you have an environment already set up with LeanSentry, no action is needed, and you’ll be getting your first error insight email later today!

If not, go here to set up your environment now so we can begin tracking and diagnosing your errors ASAP.


Enjoy, and happy troubleshooting!

The LeanServer Team

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