Our new site is live, come check us out!

We released a major update to the service a few weeks ago, bringing all new features to help troubleshoot and tune your IIS apps. This week, we launched our new website that does a better job of explaining LeanSentry and the benefits it offers to any IT professional or developer who manages Windows Server and IIS/ASP.NET applications.

Here are some highlights:

1) Live demo

You can see LeanSentry live instantly by opening our live demo. We want to lead with our actual product, and let you decide for yourself – rather then bombard you with marketing materials and well-designed diagrams.

Go check it out!

2) Free trial!

Definitely the most exciting news, you can now try LeanSentry with your applications for 14 days absolutely free. You do not even need to enter any payment information when you sign up. Just name, email, password, and off you go.


3) How it works

We built LeanSentry on a number of core principles, that make troubleshooting your apps easier and remove the heavy overhead of typical monitoring and profiling tools. Come read about how LeanSentry works and how we are able to make that happen.

Read how it works.

Let us know how what you think about our site, check out the demo, and try LeanSentry free for 14 days! We hope to see you soon!


The LeanSentry Team

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