All performance indicators in one place!

LeanSentry v2 is here, Gangnam style!

LeanSentry v2 is finally here, bringing you 10x the diagnostic power to monitor and troubleshoot your IIS/ASP.NET web apps!

If you don’t already know, LeanSentry is a production monitoring service made specifically for IIS/ASP.NET apps, to make these really painful things easy as pie:

1) Catching and troubleshooting IIS and ASP.NET errors
2) Solving performance problems and finding the cause of slow requests
3) Sizing up server utilization and resource usage problems

These things constantly drain hours of time when running production apps. LeanSentry uses extremely lightweight monitoring to provide the kind of monitoring insights typically available only with serious tools like logparser, debuggers, and profilers. Unlike those tools, LeanSentry is designed specifically to show you the key things an IIS expert will want to see, and hide the rest of the noise. And, its designed to do it with 24/7 continuous production monitoring that does not impact your application performance.

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Today, we are releasing a major upgrade to the service, that makes troubleshooting your apps WAY easier and faster.  Here is what you get:

1) 2 minute setup for your datacenter, Amazon EC2, or Windows Azure cloud!

LeanSentry Deployment Wizard: optimized for your environment!Its really, REALLY simple to set up your app for monitoring.  We’ll walk you though the exact steps in less than 2 minutes!

If you use Windows Azure, you can use our awesome Nuget package to add LeanSentry with a single command.

2) Everything you wanted to know about application performance!

See all key performance metrics in one place, and instantly spot any slow requests even if averages are ok.
Simple way to see everything you wanted to know about application performance
See exactly which IIS modules, SQL queries, and remote web services slow down your app.
See which IIS modules, SQL queries, and external web services slow down your requests.
See app’s CPU and memory usage over time, and even which application function consumed the CPU!
See which application functions consumed high CPU so the developer can fix the high CPU problems quickly.

3) See every IIS/ASP.NET/server error and how much it impacts your app

See all IIS, ASP.NET, and server errors in one place, and quickly tell how they impact your application.See all unique error in one place, and their relative impact …

Drill into an error to see the gory details – exception stack traces, IIS error information, how the error changes over time, and even likely solutions from LeanSentry’s own knowledge base and communities like

4) Complete transaction traces for every slow request, every error, and every slow operation!

Search the complete transaction traces for slow requestsSee or search the complete request traces for any URL …
See the complete request trace, including IIS and ASP.NET processing details, errors, and slow operationsDive into complete request traces to see the IIS/ASP.NET processing details, errors, and slow operations!

5) Alerts and Causes: automatically detect problems and find root causes so you don’t have to!

We’ll notify you of any application or server problem, and help you assess how the problem presents over time and across all your servers.

Be automatically alerted of any performance or health problem with the application
Skip the time-intensive investigation – LeanSentry automatically uses all available information to diagnose the root cause of the problem … so you can get straight to fixing it!

Alerts automatically diagnose the root cause of problems, so you dont have to!

Last but not least, we are temporarily extending our introductory pricing until we hit our user targets: all features for 24.99/server/mo. We need you to try us out and help us fine tune the new features.  Pricing is limited – once we reach our user target, we are expecting the prices to go up to reflect the LeanSentry’s true value in the market.

Check out our live demo, and sign up for your trial account today! If you got questions, chat with us on



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